Portuguese Water Dog
Pedigree Study Group
Last update: March 30, 2007
This PSG database is for personal use by breeders and owners of PWDs and is made available to researchers studying the genetic
health of the Portuguese Water Dog.  At the 2005 PWDCA National Specialty, I spent two days printing pedigrees for people submitting
samples for researchers studying Addison's Disease and Hemangiosarcoma.  Samples were submitted from 308 dogs!

The database is available as a
BreedMate file (an Australian pedigree program) and as a comma delineated file, which you can "save
as" Excel or most other spreadsheet programs.  You can also access the database online and pull up pedigrees and photographs of
many of the dogs.

The database may be obtained by making a donation of at least $40 to the Portuguese Water Dog Foundation for health research (you
must mention that the donation is in honor of the PWD PSG ONLY). This can be done on line.  If you would like a copy of the database,
you will need to send an additional $6 to me to cover my costs for supplies and shipping.  We also have a free subscription, which
gives access to the dog information pages but not to the pedigree information.  The PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, which is provided free
to those making a donation of at least $40 to the PWDF, provides access to the pedigree database and a download page.  There are
presently over 31,000 PWDs in our database and over 2,400 photographs.

You may
contact me if you would like to order the database or have any questions.
The Portuguese Water Dog Pedigree Study Group                 www.pwdinfo.com

This all started about ten years ago.  There were several us who were quite interested in pedigrees of the Portuguese Water Dog
and began sharing information.  This database sharing took place between Karen Berggren and Pat Qvigstad of the USA and Kjell
Holstad of Norway (later Sweden).

Over the years, we came to realize that there were a LOT of errors in various databases, including our own!  Unfortunately, we had
not been documenting the sources of our information, so we could not be sure of the accuracy of our information.  Furthermore, we
had come to realize the importance of accurate pedigree databases for the health and development of our breed.  

In 2003 the “Portuguese Water Dog Pedigree Study Group” was established to develop an ACCURATE database which could be used
as a framework for individuals to use in developing their own file of information.  We do NOT publish health information or the
names of individuals.  The PWDCA Health and Litter Registry addresses these facets and we strongly encourage you to participate in
their program.  Their work is vital to the genetic health of the PWD!  

Our database is unique in that we are trying to document the pedigrees of ALL PWDs and we are actively seeking copies of original
documents- especially official documents- to insure the accuracy of this database.  In particular, we are seeking copies of
registration papers, stud books, official pedigrees, owner/breeder pedigrees, import/export documents, publications, even show
catalogs!  Because of the varied sources of our information, we have assigned a “reliability rating” to the information (located in the
upper left corner of each pedigree page).  A “1” indicates an official source for the information.  Note that the highest the “sire
reliability” is rated as“2” unless there has been a DNA test to prove paternity or, in the case of the foundation dogs, the sire is
officially “AD” (Unknown Ancestry).  Information from a reliable unofficial source is anywhere from 3-7 depending upon the number
of errors found in information from that source.  Show catalogs are a 9!  All documents are placed in the PSG archive for research
purposes and are not published.

We are documenting the registered name, registered number, call name, other registered numbers and names, country of origin,
country of residence, other countries of registration, date of birth, date of death, color/coat/markings, titles, awards, certifications,
owner, and breeder.   Any health information is for our research purposes only. We do NOT share any health information

We have also started collecting photographs of dogs.  We now have an on-line photo archive for research purposes.  When you put
the cursor over a dog’s name, if we have a photograph of that dog, the photo will pop up.

In January, 2007 we placed our database on a password-protected web site.  

This site is sponsored by Casa Hoya (Ilona Griffioen, the Netherlands) and they are providing both space for our site and the
computer expertise to develop the site (Ilona’s friend, Raimondo, the Netherlands). Please be sure to thank them!

All of this work has been done by volunteers. No individual profits monetarily from this database.  However, so many people felt we
should charge for this database, that we decided that we would require that subscribers make a donation of at least $40 to the
Portuguese Water Dog Foundation for health research and, if you want a copy of the database, pay the costs for shipping the
database disk.  Updates are sent by email.  Subscription is for the calendar year- we do ask that you make a donation to the PWDF
each year.  Such donations must be marked in honor of the PWD PSG. The PWDF notifies us of your donation and we then activate
your account. The PWDF asks that you have only one “honoree” per donation.

As a result of our work, we did discover a major error in the AKC database.  The American bitch “Ria” had been recorded as the dam
of Trovoada de Alvalade instead of the Portuguese “Ria” born more than ten years previously!  We were able to provide the PWDCA
with copies of the original Portuguese registration documents and the PWDCA petitioned the AKC for a correction of their database.  
Due to the importance of this dog, the AKC made this correction, affecting the pedigrees of a large segment of the PWD population
in the United States.

Remember- this is an ongoing project and the work of folks like you!  Errors happen!  We are counting on YOU to let us know of any
errors!  If you can provide missing information, we would appreciate your help!  If you can provide us with documents and/or
photographs, we would appreciate scans or photocopies.  For photographs, scans are better than photocopies due to the
graininess of photocopies.

Updates are issued approximately once a month.  If we have a LOT of updates, they may be issued more often to keep the email file
to a reasonable size.  The web site is being continuously updated (usually at least once/week).

We ask that you NOT share this database or your password with other people.  Since we are trying to raise funds for PWD research,
anyone using this database should make a donation.  The best way to thank us for our work is to make a nice donation to the PWDF
in honor of the PSG.  It gives us great pleasure to see those research funds adding up!

You may use this information in your pedigrees on the web and for your personal genetic/pedigree research.  However, please to
NOT publish large portions of this database to the web!  This database is copyrighted and we reserve the right to determine how the
database will be shared.  Please do NOT share it with the pedigree companies like CompuPed, BreedMate, Man’s Best Friend, etc.

This database is made available to researchers with the restriction that the database is for their own use and not for publishing to
the web.  This database is being used by researchers who developed the cardio DNA linkage test, by cancer researchers, Addison’s
Disease researchers, and by researchers working on canine behavior as well as the Georgie Project.

The data is formatted to match the format of the BreedMate pedigree program.  We use this program since information can be easily
imported and exported with a comma delineated file.  It is therefore easy to share information.  Although most of the information will
eventually be on the web site, you may still obtain a copy of the database for use on your own computer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Karen Berggren
We just started a photo gallery for pedigree research.  It is free - just go to www.pwdogs.smugmug.com and click on the PWD PSG
gallery.  The photos are arranged by registration number and are right-click protected.  We have included copyright information
and contact information.  These photos are for research ONLY.  They are NOT for publication.  You must contact the copyright
owner for permission to use the photo.

The database is now on the web!  Ilona of the Netherlands has graciously provided us with space for our database at
www.pwdinfo.com.  You are welcome to visit our site.  A special thanks to Raimondo of the Netherlands, our volunteer webmaster!
We now have over 29,000 records in our database and have raised nearly $5,000 for health research!